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Loft Extensions

Another option that does not require big changes to the roofing structure are dormer loft extensions. Loft Conversions Crawley loft extension can supply and fit velux windows to anywhere in your home extension, stair, kitchen, garage in Crawley or whether just for replacement of existing. If you are looking to make modifications to the original roof, then dormer loft extensions are a popular choice. Loft Conversions Crawley includes those who specialise in house extensions and loft extensions in Crawley.

Loft Conversions Crawley is the best loft conversion company in the city to carry out an extension in homes for more space. Mansard, dormer or hip to gable conversion is done with full accuracy. The most important thing for the customers to note is that a hip to gable loft conversion is not available for everyone.
Understand something, if you are converting the loft of a first floor flat, you may also need to add sound proof insulation to the existing first floor and the new second floor. Understand that homeowners in the South of EnglandX could add up to £100,000 + to the value of their home by converting their loft, if they open up 24 square metres of new space in their property.
If you are looking for industry-leading attic floors and floorboards at Crawley, get in touch with Loft Conversions Crawley in Crawley right now. Get in touch with Loft Conversions Crawley in Crawley right now, if you need a solution for home, commercial or industrial loft access.
All new loft conversions will require insulation, the amount of insulation is determined by the building regulations. Stairs to a new loft conversion can be difficult.

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Significant Value From A Loft Conversions Crawley Loft is Added

Extending homes or converting rooms to add light and space can add significant value to a property in Crawley. Loft conversions from Loft Conversions Crawley in Crawley can be one of the best routes to adding value to your home, potentially netting you a 20% return on your investment.

Loft Conversions Crawley Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

A hip-to-gable conversion is only ever completed on the side sloping sections of the roof. Here at Loft Conversions Crawley in Crawley we provide loft/ roof conversions. Loft Conversions Crawley can handle any type of roof space to create your dream loft from mansard conversions, velux, dormer, and hip to gable. We can provide the most appropriate loft for your lifestyle and property.

Bespoke Loft Conversions in Crawley, West Sussex

Loft Conversions Crawley provides its clients with a bespoke loft conversion service that is designed to turn your home into a place that fits your specific needs. Loft Conversions Crawley starts by looking at your property and designing a bespoke loft conversion or partial loft conversion plan based upon your budget, space and needs ensuring you are provided with a traditional or modern loft conversion that best suits you.

Creative Loft Conversions in Crawley, West Sussex

We can provide you with a personal and professional service for loft conversions Crawley that you can trust, one that is dedicated to meeting your every need. Please browse through our case studies page if you would like to read about some of our past projects including our satisfactory loft conversions work in Crawley.

Experienced Loft Conversion Company in Crawley, West Sussex

Loft Conversions Crawley is specialised in loft conversions, skilfully blending 15 years of experience in loft conversions with 30 years of expertise in carpentry. Loft Conversions Crawley has over 28 years of experience in loft conversions, so you could almost say we have completed every loft eventuality.